EG Classroom Teacher™

Ditawarkan Oleh: Edison Gauss Publishing
Ukuran: 6.5M
Unduhan 5+
Versi 1.1.2

Unduh EG Classroom Teacher™ - perangkat lunak yang bagus untuk Android

Classroom Teacher™ is the multi-user, multi-app reviewer for the EG Classroom™ suite.

For Parents, Classroom Teacher allows you to view the work of one or more children on your family's tablet without having to switch users or apps. If you are a multi-tablet family, the automatic synchronization allows you to review the work your children have done on their tablet from the convenience of your own device. Further, synchronization between devices is performed automatically on your local network. Your data is not sent over the internet and you won't incur bandwidth or data fees.

For Teachers , Classroom Teacher allows you to review your entire class from a single application. Student practices are automatically synced from their device to yours. A local copy of the work is made resident on your device and allows you to review practice results even if you or the student is offline. Additionally, Classroom Teacher has direct messaging to communicate with students, and built-in email support so you can send a copy of a student's work, plus any comments that you may wish to add, to the parents.

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Fitur baru:

Updated compatibility libraries.
A new look for the Calendar Reviewer.
Swipe in the Practice Session reviewer to flip between practices in a given day.
Help has been added for new users.

Informasi tentang EG Classroom Teacher™

Versi: 1.1.2
Kompatibilitas: 2.3 and up
Developers: Edison Gauss Publishing
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